–    If you are planning a new network, upgrading an existing network, or would like to discuss who to computerize some aspects of your business, we can help.

Network Maintenance & Administration:

    –    Having problems with your existing network? Perhaps it just needs some TLC.

    –    Network cabling and wireless.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting:

    –   Complete hardware diagnostics.

    –    Network connectivity troubleshooting.

General Repairs:

    –    General clean-up to restore performance.

    –    Virus and “Spyware” removal.

    –    Removal of unused software.

    –    Removal and “junk” and temporary files.

    –    Blow out dust and dirt from equipment. (Over time, dust collects inside your equipment and can lead to hardware failure.)

Data Recovery:

    –    Sometimes deleted data can be recovered from hard drives, camera cards, USB sticks, etc. Even if the drive or device has been formatted.

    –     Throwing out old equipment and worried about privacy? We can wipe your data clean from hard drives so that sensitive information cannot be retrieved.